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Thank You ALL who contributed, donated and provided your time and effort to make the 2023 Battle of the Hammers a huge success. It is because of you (our wrestling family), we are successful.

* June 10th will be our last tournament of the season. HHH Green and HHH Red 

  locations will go on break until August 21, 2023. HHH Orange will hold summer

  session practices (dates and times TBD).

* Coach Barksdale will hold weight training sessions over the summer for athletes 14

   and up at Planet Fitness (George Washington Hwy location). Details forthcoming.



HHH recently competed in several USAW tournaments. Congrats to the following wrestlers for their on the mat success:

  Peninsula Catholic Freestyle/Greco Invitational Place Winners:

  • Kaleb Kumm (MS) - 2nd Place in Freestlye

  • Amir Wray-Hill (HS) - 1st Place in Freestyle and Greco

  • Noah Conwell (HS) - 4th Place in Freestyle

  • Chandler Stevenson (HS) - 2nd Place in Greco

  • Mekhi Ferguson (HS) - 3rd Place in Freestyle

  • Branden White (HS) - 2nd Place in Freestyle/1st Place in Greco

  • Victor Smith (HS) - 3rd Place in Freestyle/2nd Place in Greco

  • Reshaud Keeling (HS) - 3rd Place in Freestyle and Greco

  • Josh Mendoza (HS) - 2nd Place in Freestyle/1st Place in Greco

   Battle of the Hammers Place Winners:

            Folkstyle                                            Freestyle


* Thomas Hanson (2nd)                * Parker Taylor (3rd)

* Kenneth Williams (3rd)              * Justus Fields (4th)

* Lucas Gibson Jr (4th)                   * Kaleb Kumm (2nd)

* Jynesis Ricks (4th)                        * Amir Wray-Hill (Champ)

* Kaleb Blackmore (4th)                * Caden Stevenson (4th)

* Layne MacKenzie (2nd)              * Chandler Stevenson (3rd)

* Jackson Conorozzo (4th)            * Victor Smith (2nd)

* Kaylee Kumm (2nd)                     * Cole Clement (4th)

* Austin Baker (4th)                       * Sam Diggs (Champ)

* Logan Young (Champ)                * Rashaud Keeling (4th)

* Kamia Walton (3rd)                    * Joshua Mendoza (2nd)

* Ben Detrick (5th)                         * Kenzie Kumm (2nd)

* Trevor Ferguson (3rd)                * Tatiana Denig (2nd)

* River Maynard (Champ)

* Kameron Cox (2nd)

* Kaleb Kumm (Champ)

* Mark Ragan (2nd)

* Branden White (3rd)

* Victor Smith (3rd)

* Joshua Mendoza (2nd)

* Kenzie Kumm (2nd)

* Tatiana Denig (Champ)

* Janyla Anderson (3rd)

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